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IP Lawyer / IT Attorney at law

Georgstr. 48 | 30159 Hanover
Germany, Europe

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Would you like to know whether a particular term has already been registered as a trademark? Do you want to find out about IP rights of your competitors? Would you like to monitor your own IP rights or those of others? Which domains are already protected as trademarks? We have IP rights searched for you in the data bases of the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (e.g. European trademarks or European designs), in the international WIPO registers as well as in almost all official and commercial data bases.

Are you an innovative enterprise who would like to know whether your innovation has already been monopolised? We conduct research in all relevant data bases and present you the results in whatever form you desire. It is the results that count.

We offer you legal assistance on the following trademark services:

  • IP rights research
    • Trademark search
    • Search for titles of protected works
    • Name and company name availability search
    • Search in the registries of patents and utility models (including inventions in the field of biology and chemistry)
    • Design search (both registered and unregistered designs)
    • Plant variety search
    • Semiconductor topographies search
    • Author and copyright search
    • Proprietor search
  • IP rights monitoring
    • Trademark and name monitoring
    • Patent and utility model registries monitoring
    • Design monitoring
    • Plant variety monitoring
    • Semiconductor topographies monitoring
    • Copyright monitoring
  • Domain investigation and monitoring
  • Proprietor search
  • Domain name search
  • Domain name monitoring
  • In-use checks
    • Checking if IP rights are in use
    • Licence search
  • Market analysis and research
    • Market enquiry, analysis and legal evaluation
    • Market evaluation
    • Value assessment of IP rights
  • General economic research
    • Competitor analysis
    • Other types of analysis (creditworthiness of a company)
  • Information brokerage

Do not hesitate to ask us your legal question and we shall provide you with all necessary information and its legal evaluation.

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