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IP Lawyer / IT Attorney at law

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Germany, Europe

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E-commerce and business-to-business are up-to-date concepts that offer an ample scope for legal shaping, which nowadays can be of advantage to almost all. Those who are familiar with the legal framework and who are ready to include it in short- or middle-term planning, are likely to achieve a long-term success.

Our services include among others:

  • Drafting software and hardware agreements (software maintenance, transfer and licensing of software, hardware sales agreements, service agreements, support agreements, maintenance agreements, customer hotline agreements, long-distance maintenance, provider agreements, freeware agreement, shareware agreements, GPL licences, source code agreements, non-disclosure agreements),
  • Distribution law,
  • Project agreements,
  • Subcontractors and contract law,
  • Asserting warranty claims,
  • Data protection,
  • Law governing the founding of a company and business transfer.
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