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Horak Attorneys-at-Law often deals with cases relating to IP and IT law. IT law handles all questions relating to information technology, such as software law, hardware law, internet law and dispute resolution on an international scale. IP law, i.e. international property law, comprises patents, utility models, plant varieties, designs, trademarks and copyrights. The boundary area of IP and IT law includes questions dealing with IT matters linked to patent law, i.e. domain names.

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Overview of IP and IT matters:

Patent law (IP law): An application for registration of an invention, registration itself and the exploitation of the protective right are connected with a considerable effort, which, however, if professionally managed during the period of protection lasting for 20 years, is of equally considerable value to the company. Several aspects need to be taken into consideration during the whole application procedure, especially when formulating the patent application.

Know-how (IP law): Technical know-how can in principle be protected by means of a patent, which – in some countries, for instance the USA – would also be possible in the case of  business know-how. Since patents or similar protective rights are published and therefore made known to the general public, and since their period of validity is limited, there has always been a need to keep secret certain technical or economic facts, i.e. know-how.

Utility models (IP law): which are also referred to as „petty patents“, provide useful alternative to patent protection (swift registration procedure, grace period, etc.). There are, however, some disadvantages of such protection, too (the maximum term of protection is 10 years, it is an unexamined protective right, etc.).

Designs (IP law): Designs aim at protecting the appearance of a form. Since 1st January 2003 and effective as of April 2003, the Community Design Regulation provides for a single Community Design registration, without any separate formalities in each State. National design regulations had to be harmonised with the Regulation, too.

Trademark law (IP law): The trademarks used by an organisation to identify its goods (services) are one of its most important and valuable assets. It is therefore advisable to register a trademark as early as possible since it guarantees the source and the quality of the organisation's goods (services). A standard trademark registration including protection period of 10 years’, which can be prolonged as many times as you wish, causes costs amounting to € 300.

Copyright (IP law): Copyright protects intellectual property in its classical form of expression (art, literature, films, photos) or works such as software and databases.

Domain names (IT law): A considerate choice of a domain name is inevitable for private, institutional and business purposes. A number of legal aspects has to taken into account. It is also advisable to consider all factors and conditions which can influence your choice, such as a parallel trademark application providing a supporting protective measure.

Internet law (IT law): The internet has never been a lawless space. Apart form standard provisions which find their application in this area of law, there are also numerous internet-specific regulations.

Dispute resolution (IT law): Alternative dispute resolution in a form of general arbitration proceedings complements domain name resolution under the UDRP which is applied internationally.

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